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About XM

* 我是谁?

大家好,我姓Xiao,叫Xiao Min,是中国人民大学的一名研究生(现在是一名独立汉语教师),我的专业是语言学。2008年我开始在网上教汉语。我开始觉得网上教汉语是一个很有前途也很有意思的事业。因为网络很方便而且成本也很低。对我来说最重要的是,我可以实现自己的教学理念。

 * 为什么做这个博客?



  * Who am I?

Hi, I’m Min. My full name is Xiao Min. I am a 3rd year master student of Renmin university of China in Beijing (Now I am an independent Chinese teacher online). My major is Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. I was also a part-time mandarin teacher in the Chinese teaching center of my university. I began to teach Chinese online from 2008. I was obsessed by this new way to teach Chinese. Now I prefer to spend more time on my mandarin courses online.

 * Why is there this blog?

I am writing this blog to share more free learning material with all different levels of Chinese learners. I hope this blog will be an interactive platform between the learners and me.

So please tell me what you want to know about China or Chinese, for example hit moviesbook in China, material about grammar/character/pronunciation and so on. Also please feel free  to write your comments in Chinese or English after reading the posts in my blog.

* How to contact me?

To contact me, please email [email protected]



This is a little introduction video I made for my online private lessons in 2013. Time flies!


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