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Why Mandarin

  • Amanda C.B.make-you-different
  • “Wanting to keep up my Mandarin skills after living in Shanghai.”
  • Franky
  • “I speak Cantonese, but I’m trying to learn Mandarin also. I think it may be easier…”
  • Marc B.
  • “I’m planning a trip to China, Jan 2014. I thought it would be best to learn the language and more about its culture.”
  • Ruben Cantu
  • “to improve my character development skills”
  • Leonora
  • “ I am an ABC…”
  • Sarah
  • “I lived for a year in china (taught English) then came back and did a one year intensive course. All a long time ago. I did courses at the City Lit in the 90s just to get exposure. I also go involved in Chinese music making – in the 90s.”
  • Rawle Austin
  • “I’ve been learning Mandarin on and off for 13 years. The first two years at an evening class at South Bank University and informally afterwards.”
  • Jalal Afhim
  • “Born and raised in the UK, I developed a bit of a passion for Chinese culture and language, after moving to China in 2005 to learn Taiji and Mandarin. I still love learning Mandarin, and meeting others who do also.”
  • Jo Zarb
  • “I am teaching myself Mandarin, mostly with books and the Internet. What I really need is conversational practice.”
  • ……..

      What about you? Welcome to share with us 🙂


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