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The Real Chinese You Were Never Taught in School: Everyday exclamations 哎呀/糟了/完了/郁闷

哎呀 āi ya A common interjection that can be used for a wide range of occasions: when you’ve forgotten something, when you’re impatient, when you’re bored, when you feel helpless, as a lead-in to scolding someone, etc. It isn’t exactly a word-more like a weighty sigh and roughly equivalent to …

What’s Happening Here(10) 加班!Work overtime (Can you translate it? Have aTry :)

“What’s Happening Here” –Learn useful words and expressions from funny picture. Write down your own Chinese sentences:-) 要求          yao1 qiu2          to demand 加班          jia1 ban1            work overtime 睡着了     shui4 zhao2 le   fell asleep 公交车      gong1 jiao1 che1     bus 司机          si1 ji1                    driver 幽默          you1 mo4           humor ……

What’s happening here?(5) 找死的兔子zhao3si3 de tu4zi

    兔子        tu4zi        rabbit 自杀        zi4sha1    suicide (self kill) 按钮        an4niu3    button 按        an4        to press DVD播放器        bo1fang4 qi4    DVD player 光驱       …

会话 Coversation practice: Asking about someone’s age and birthplace & Celebrating someone’s birthday

问年龄和出生地 Asking about someone’s age and birthplace A: 你今年多大?    nǐ jīnnián duō dà? B: 我今年二十八(岁)。  wǒ jīnnián èrshíbā suì. A: 你的生日是哪天?(你什么时候生日?)nǐ de shēngrì shì nǎtiān?  (nǐ shénme shíhou shēngrì?) B: 我的生日是八月二十五号。  wǒ de shēngrì shì bā yuè èrshíwǔ hào. A: How old are you? B: I am 28. A: When …

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