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Chinese Grammar: How to use 得 de? (Video)

1. Right or wrong?

She runs very fast.

她  跑  很  快。

I sleep very well.

我 睡 很 好。


2. The construction

V + 得      + Adj           踢  得       好

V + 得 + Adv + Adj           踢  得  非常 好

(V) O +  V + 得 + Adv + Adj   (踢)足球 踢  得  非常 好

He plays football very well.  他 踢足球  踢  得  非常 好。

    tī    kick; play     足球 zúqiú football


3. Question1

When do I use the 得 construction? mWhen you want to describe or comment on customary action


(This Drill is on the page 14 of NPCR Book2)


4. Question2

* Is the particle了for completed actions used in the 得 construction?

No, 了for completed actions cannot be used, but time words can

be used to indicate the action has already been completed.

For example,

We  xiăo shíhou  rìyŭ   shuō   de   hĕn    liúlì

我  小 时候    日语    说    得   很    流利.

I spoke Japanese very fluently when I was little.


5. Quiz: To translate

(1) He wrote (very) well today.


(2) He doesn’t speak Chinese well.


(3) My boyfriend cooked Chinese meal very well yesterday evening.


September 4, 2013

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  1. If you want to check if your translation is correct, please just write down your answer here. I will check it for you 🙂

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