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Chinese live lesson with the professional Chinese teacher via Skype. Our aims to help to feel confident in their ability to speak Mandarin Chinese.
  • one on one private lesson with the live teacher, free materials (doesn’t contain the published materials).
  • Voice call and screen sharing via Skype, Google Hangout, Wechat or Moxtra.
  • Prepaid server. Lesson are charged on attendance basis. Money-back guarantee for unused lessons, no questions asked.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations within 24 hours will be billed at half rate.
  • 1 lesson $25 per hour (this course)
  • 5 lessons $20 per hour ( take it here)
  • 10 lessons $18 per hour (take it here)

If you are a newcomer please send an email to [email protected] to book a free trial lesson first.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Xiaomin's services to other people with an interest in learning Chinese. I find her lessons the ideal...Read more

Chris Dalley

London, UK

Xiaomin is a really organized, flexible and patient teacher. She will adapt the course to your needs and your taste very easily and will immediatly...Read more

Iris Wickham Palau

Paris, France

I was a 65-yr-old just-retired computer Project Manager when I went to Beijing to study Mandarin.   XiaoMin was my first teacher at Uni and her...Read more

John Kirk

Melbourne, Australia

I have been having weekly Skype lessons with Xiaomin for over 2 years and have enjoyed every moment.  Having studied Chinese in Shanghai, Beijing...Read more

Erica Porter

London, UK

Xiaomin has been my Chinese teacher for almost two years now. I'm so happy to have found her and she makes my Chinese studies so much fun. We laugh...Read more

Lotta Ygartua

Vancouver, Canada

I have been Xiaomin's student since 2011 with 800 hours of study time.  As a tutor, she is highly reliable and patient, attentive to errors in tone...Read more

Rod Barrington

Wellington, New Zealand

Course Curriculum

one to one private lesson (60 min)

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    1. Love to converse in Chinese

      I am a British Born Chinese person that was really hopeless at languages before I met Xiao Min. My younger brother became fluent in mandarin with Xiao Min’s help and that is how I met Xiao Min. She has been my teacher for over two years now, teaching me from HSK 1-4 in a well structured way but also tailoring her teaching to tackle any weaknesses and to keep things interesting. Her fluency training course is particularly useful to encourage you to speak mandarin with casual dialogue. Once you learn to ask and answer simple questions, you can quickly build on that and then it really is the beginning of a new world which you can explore and gain much satisfaction from! I would recommend combining Xiao Min’s lessons with Chinesepod and Skritter to help your listening and your memory of the Chinese characters and then as you progress, watch Chinese TV such as their game shows which again allows you to gain listening practice. Xiao Min is a very kind, patient (her English is also very good, if needed to explain things but she will try to use mandarin as much as possible) and most importantly a brilliant teacher! Good luck!

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