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We will read funny Chinese short stories, learn useful words and help you improve your listening.

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Course Curriculum

Mini-stories No. 1 十块钱 10 KuaiFREE 00:04:00
Mini-stories No. 2 The best choice 最好的选择 00:06:00
Mini-stories No.3 Good news or bad news 好消息坏消息 00:04:00
Mini-stories No. 4 Shopping 跟太太买东西 00:06:00
Mini-stories No.5 I’m the driver 我是司机 00:05:00
Mini-stories No.6 Blow bubbles 吹泡泡 00:06:00
Mini-stories No.7 No wonder 1 难怪 1 00:03:00
Mini-stories No.8 No wonder 2 难怪 2 00:04:00
Mini-stories No.9 My eggs 别压碎我的鸡蛋 00:04:00
Mini-stories No. 10 别唠叨 Don’t nag 00:06:00
Mini-stories No. 11 意外 An Accident 00:04:00
Mini-stories No. 12 坐井观天 Narrow view 00:07:00
Mini-stories No. 13 10分钟和600秒 10 minutes and 600 secondsFREE 00:04:00
Mini-Stories No. 14 亡羊补牢 Never Too Late to Turn 00:07:00
Mini-Stories No. 15 南辕北辙 Nan Yuan Bei Zhe 00:10:00
Mini-Stories No. 16 好主意坏主意 Good idea or bad idea? 00:10:00
Mini-Stories No. 17 贪心的狮子 The Greedy Lion 00:10:00

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    1. 这些小故事真有意思 非常感谢! 🙂

    2. Great content

      The interesting presentation and explanation of these stories will surely help motivate me in my casual approach to studying.

    3. I loved this course

      It’s a very nice way to learn Mandarin, good stories to watch! Thank you a lot!

    4. Where is my course???

      Where is my course?

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