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Learn a new Chinese song every month. Structure to the video – preview, highlighting lyrics, testing these lyrics at the end.

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Course Curriculum

2016 October
童话 Fairy Tale by 光良 Michael Wong 00:09:00
2016 September
夜来香 Ye Lai Xiang by 邓丽君 Teresa Teng 00:07:00
2016 June
不醉不会 Learning from Drunk by 田馥甄 Hebe 00:08:00
2016 May
传奇 Chuan Qi by 王菲 Faye Wong 00:08:00
2016 April
李白 Li Bai by 李荣浩 Rong Hao Li 00:07:00
2015 Start
十年 Ten Years by 陈奕迅 Eason Chan 00:04:00
我的歌声里 You Exist in My Song by 曲婉婷 Qu Wanting 00:04:00

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    1. I really like the way how you teach. Instead of using English, you mostly explain in Chinese. I think this way helps a lot for improving students listening skill. As a student I think, more listening to Chinese, we will be more thinking and understanding in Chinese without translation.

      Thank you.

    2. the explanation of the song "Chuanqi qi" is extremely clear.thank you for that.说明很清楚。。谢谢。

      I just recently discovered this website.This is a wonderful way to learn n listen to Chinese. I have been self learning Chinese for sometime but was having difficulty understanding spoken Chinese .
      This course will definitely help me. I definitely will recommend this website to my friends.

    3. It’s nice to have your intro in Chinese (and both nice and a bit of a relief to find that I understand it). The written back-up material, vocab and translation, is gravy!

      Nicely put together. Thank you!

    4. Only watched/listened to two of the videos so far but they are an excellent way to learn challenging vocabulary in an interesting way. It’s good seeing Chinese language being used in more creative ways whilst making the student try to distinguish between the figurative and the literal. Summary: Fabulous!

    5. Fantastic way of learning Chinese ,and your method of teaching is so effective and fun!

      I hope to learn more through songs especially the Old classic “The Moon Represent My heart” 夜来香 Ye Lai Xiang by 邓丽君 Teresa Teng, and many more

      Thank you
      Mei Zhen

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