About the Course 课程总体介绍


Course goal and objectives 学习目标

1. 让学生熟悉找病句这种题型。
2. 让学了解病句的基本类型。
3. 训练学生能又快又准地找到病句。
4. 节约做题时间,提高准确率。

Why would you want to take this course? 为什么你要学这个课程?

1. 作为考前冲刺的练习。
2. 作为六级考试准备材料。
3. 可以学习“找病句”做题方法。
4. 获得更好的六级成绩。

How this course structured 课程设计理念

1. 这个课程从考试真题出发,帮助学生最有针对性地准备考试。
2. 采用“做题–讲解–练习”的三步学习法,巩固学习内容。

Recommended Background 适合人群

1. 近期要参加六级考试的学生。
2. 想了解六级考试的学生。
3. 正在学习高级汉语的学生。

Course Format (what materials and services are included?)

1. 5个讲解视频,总时长大约为90分钟。
2. 50个找病句题目,50个相应的练习题。
3. 所有题目及讲解、练习题的文本。

How long 课程时长


> Q: Who is the intended audience for this course?
A: 想了解或者想参加六级考试的学生。

> Q: Do I need to purchase any textbooks for the course?
A: 不需要另外买教材。学完课程后,如果你想要更多的真题练习,可以在网上上购买真题。比如这个

> Q: Can online students ask questions and/or contact the professor?
A: 你可以随时在课程页下面问问题,老师会在24小时内回复你。另外,这个课程还有一个免费的答疑课,你可以通过语音聊天、语音信息、文字信息的方式,用Skype,Google Hangout或者WeChat,跟你的老师说话,问问题。

WeChat Payment: For thehsk3 wechat payment students who live in China now and would like to pay via WeChat. You can just scan to pay without being friends.
Please place an order before you pay. Click the “Take this course” button above, then check out by “Alipay / WeChat Payment / Direct Bank Transfer.” Your order will be manually completed and you will be added to the course immediately (up to in 2 hours) after the payment is successful.

Course Curriculum

HSK 6 找病句 – Look inside (free trial)FREE 00:08:00
HSK 6 找病句 – 真题H61001 00:16:00
HSK 6 找病句 – 真题H61002 00:15:00
HSK 6 找病句 – 真题H61003 00:16:00
HSK 6 找病句 – 真题H61004 00:19:00
HSK 6 找病句 – 真题H61005 00:21:00

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    1. HSK6级 - 语病

      Well organized and the price is reasonable.
      Hopefully they will offer other prep courses for other sections of 6级.

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