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This course is an introduction to HSK 3 (Chinese proficiency test level 3). It provides an overview of HSK3 listening, HSK3 reading and HSK3 writing. 

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Course Curriculum

HSK 3 Listening Part 00:09:00
HSK 3 Listening Part Q1-Q5 00:08:00
HSK 3 Listening Part Q6-Q10 00:07:00
HSK 3 Listening Part Q11-Q15 00:09:00
HSK 3 Listening Part Q16-Q20 00:09:00
HSK 3 Listening Part Q21-Q25 00:09:00
HSK 3 Listening Part Q26-Q30 00:08:00
HSK 3 Listening Part Q31-Q35 00:10:00
HSK 3 Listening Part Q36-Q40 00:10:00
HSK 3 Reading Part 00:07:00
HSK 3 Writing Part 00:04:00

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    1. Very good course

      This is a very well done and very useful course if you want to get ready to take the HSK 3 test.
      This is especially good for the 听力 section. My only problem was that not all the test questions were seen or given the right answer to.
      Otherwise, the teacher is very easy to understand and explains really well. I definitely recommend this course.

    2. 我推薦


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