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Free!Online coures for begining Chinese with audio and video clips(strongly recommend!!)

lesson1  Hello! 你好!

lesson2 May I know your name? 请问您贵姓?

Lesson3 Where do you live? 你住在哪儿?

Lesson4 How many people are there in you family? 你家有几口人?

Lesson5 What is the date today? 今天几号?

Lesson6 Excuse me,where is the post office? 请问,邮局在哪儿?

Lesson7 Could you tell me how to go to Tian’an men Square? 请问,去天安门怎么走?

Lesson8 Please speak more slowly. 请慢点儿说。

Lesson9 I like swiming. 我喜欢游泳。

lesson10 Can you play Pingpang? 你会打乒乓球吗?

lesson11 I am studying at the college of Chinese studies in a language university. 我在语言大学对外汉语学院学习。

lesson12 I want to exchange $100. 我想换一百美元。

lesson13 What are we going to eat?/What kind of food do you have? 我们吃什么?/你们这儿有什么菜?

lesson14 Is…available? 请问…在吗?

lesson15 The weather forcast says that  it will rain tomorrow. 天气预报说,明天有雨。

lesson16 How much is this clothes? 这件衣服多少钱?

lesson17 My stomach aches very badly. 我肚子疼得厉害。

lesson18  What’s your opinion on this issue? 你对这个问题有什么看法?

lesson19 Can I post a package here? 这儿邮递包裹吗?

lesson20 Have you ever been Jiuzhaigou Valley? 你去过九寨沟吗?

lesson21 Excuse me, Is there vacant roon? 请问,有空房间吗?

lesson22 How delicious the mookcakes are! 月饼真好吃!

lesson23 Can you come to my birthday party this Tuesday evening? 周四你能来参加我的生日聚会吗?

lesson24 What a beautiful dress! 你今天穿得真漂亮!

lesson25 Sorry, I am late! 对不起,我来晚了!

lesson26 Let’s go to see Beijing Opera tomorrow! 明天咱们去看京剧吧!

lesson27 You did well in the exam. Congratulations! 考得真不错,祝贺你!

lesson28 Don’t ride a bike to fast! 骑车别骑太快了!

lesson29 What plans do you have for the holiday? 这个假期你有什么计划?

lesson30 I’m returning home. 我要回国了。

September 24, 2010

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