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How to improve the experiences of online live lesson (from the devices)

In my experience, there’re several things we could do to get a better experiences of online live lesson. It applys to both students and teachers.

1. Headphone and microphone are required for the lesson.

The student will feel more confident when she hears more clearly. The teacher can get what you’re talking more easily as well if you use a microphone.

2. As close as possible to the Router if you are using a Wi-Fi.

Normally the signal is too weak to make a long live conversation in the kitchen if your router is in the room.

3. Please give priority to the cable if you have one in your home. Cable connection is more stable than Wi-Fi.

One of my London students Jon told me the quality of the conversation is better when he used cable instead.

(It is being updated..)

As a teacher I am trying the best to offer a better experiences for my students. I am using a cable. My connection speed (link) is quite good. And this is my lovely microphone.

The speed test (link) is here, if you are curious about your connection speed.

April 2, 2015

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