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LEARN CHARACTER(1)-The 15 Most Common Radicals to Help You to Remember More Characters(Flashcards:)

If you need the flashcards of these words, please feel free to send me an email.

/      person      他你们位休

      grass      花菜药苹蓝

      woman      奶妈姐妹好

      roof      字宿室家安

/      heart      想忘感情怕

/      hand      打找拿报抓

      sun      明晚昨时阳

      tree      树楼校椅柜

/      water      洗澡海河渴

/      speech      说话语谁请

      walk      近远边送进

/     eat      饭饱饿饮馆

     eye      眼睛眉睡盯

/      bamboo      笔筷算第笛

衤/衣      clothes      衫袖袜裙裤

May 17, 2012

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