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LISTEN & LEARN-《老男孩Old boy》A most popular song at the moment. It’s about Dream.

It’s a listening quiz. Your guys should choose the right answer from the word list after you listen to the song. Any your English or Chinese comments welcome. If you need the flashcards of these words, please feel free to send me an email. Good luck!!

老男孩 Old boy (MP3)


那是我日夜(1.   c    ) 深深爱着的人呐

到底我该如何(2.       )

她会(3.       )我吗

a. 表达    biǎo dá    express

b. 接受    jiē shòu    accept

c. 思念    sī niàn     miss


(4.       )(5.       )都不会跟她说出那句话


(6.       )能有牵挂

d. 怎么    zěn me     how

e. 永远    yóng yuǎn  forever

f. 也许     yé xǔ     maybe


(7.       )总是遥不可及

是不是应该(8.       )


(9.       )啊你在哪里

g. 放弃    fàng qì      give up

h. 梦想    mèng xiǎng  dream

i. 春天     chūn tiān    spring


I am deeply in love with her .Thinking of her day and night.

But how can I express myself

And will she accept me

Maybe I’ll never expose my heart to her

For I am always wondering about alone and homeless

How can I be concerned about

Dreams are always out of reach

Maybe I should give up

Flowers bloom and fade again and again

But where is the spring for me

The full version of this song is here



  1. c, a, b, f, e, d, h, g, i

  2. 比听得懂王菲容易啊

    • 那当然,王菲的歌都比较特别,这个歌和歌词都比较大众化。你是王菲的粉丝吧?

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