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Video:Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf(The hottest cartoon in China now~)

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a popular TV cartoon series from Mainland China that wins over fans with its comedic spin on the familiar “the wolf plots to eat the goats” premise. The show began airing across the country in 2005 and has been a big, big hit with young audiences. The inevitable theatrical version is released in January 2009 and has attracted large herds of fans, grossing 30 million yuan at the box office in its opening weekend alone.

The story is:

In the year 3131, the goats live in the Qingqing Grasslands happily, while “Grey Wolf” and his wife “Red Wolf” move to Qingqing Grasslands to try and capture them. But goats in this time are intelligent and powered with technology. Every time Grey Wolf appears at the School of Goats, he thinks up a sneaky plan to catch the goats. Among the goat students, a smart young boy goat named “Pleasant” always finds a way to ruin “Grey Wolf’s” plans and save the goats. With the effort of “Pleasant” and his friends, Grey Wolf never captures any goats. In the end of each episode, “Grey Wolf” always promises to come back.

The conflict between Grey Wolf and “Pleasant” never ends. Although he is mean to the goats, he is a nice and timid husband to Red Wolf. Red Wolf is somewhat impatient and enjoys making her husband do all the work. She never tries to catch the goats herself, but always yells at her husband, and hits Gray Wolf with a frying pan in almost every episode whenever she’s unhappy. She likes fashion and behaves like a modern female adult (though sometime her thoughts are a bit childish).

“Pleasant” and his friends are portrayed as playful primary school kids, each of whom has his/her own unique feature. “Beauty” is a pretty girl goat who is always worrying about her looks and esteem. “Fit” is a boy goat who likes to work out; he is in love with “Beauty”. “Lazy” is a cute boy goat who likes to relax. There are many other child goats, as well as their teacher – an old goat named “Slow”, who is a scientist and develops machines to protect their school. He is slower than a snail and uses a walking stick.

September 21, 2010


    • 如果你不可以看视频(shìpín),你可以试一试这个链接(liànjiē)http://tv.sohu.com/20100703/n273260176.shtml

  1. 即使那个语言不太难我也先大部分听不动。也许是因为那个声音有一点儿奇怪。我不太习惯听狼和羊说的中文啊!

    • 哈哈,你的头像很好看 :-)

  2. 哟那个阿凡达看起来奇怪极了怎么换新的?

  3. 看视频比看课本更乐趣!

  4. 哈哈,看我的图片

  5. 看我的眼睛

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