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Rating standards for writing section of New HSK Level 3




The writing section of HSK Level 3 includes two parts as follows: Complete the sentences; Fill in the blanks.


一、完成句子 Complete the sentences

  • 0 分:空白。
  • Zero points: the paper is blank.


  • 低档分:未包含所提供的全部词语;词序排列不正确;有 3 个或 3 个以上错别字。
  • Low scores: the sentence fails to use all the characters provided, or the character order is incorrect, or there are three or more incorrect characters.


  • 中档分:词序排列基本正确但增加了未提供词;词序排列正确但有 1-2 个错别字。
  • Medium scores: the character order is mostly correct, but some other characters not provided are used; or the character order is correct, but there are one or two incorrect characters.


  • 高档分:包含全部词语且词序排列正确,无错别字。
  • High scores: all the characters are used, and the character order is correct, and there is no incorrect character.


二、写汉字 Fill in the blanks

  • 0 分:空白或写了与答案完全不相关的字。
  • Zero points: the paper is blank or the characters are completely irrelevant to the correct ones.


  • 中档分:与答案相近,是错字。
  • Medium scores: the characters are incorrect but close to the correct ones.


  • 高档分:与答案一致。
  • High scores: the characters are correct.


评分标准 [中文版] 来源于HSK 官网:www.chinesetest.cn

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