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General Discussion

How to learn Chinese 5-Tones: “Why using tones is not optional – by Don Watson”

Thanks Don for sharing his personal learning experience with us. As we known, It not very easy to speak the Tones properly all the time, and Don speak Tones very well now after his continuing efforts. Why using tones is not optional — By Don Watson ‘So tell me, is it …

How to learn Chinese 4-Fluency: “LEARNING A LANGUAGE IN 5 MONTHS– By Jeff Lau”

Yesterday Jeff shared his presentation video “”LEARNING A LANGUAGE IN 5 MONTHS” with me. There are all very good suggestions to learn a language, not just Chinese. I think Jeff himself is the perfect person to make this case. It’s very impressived he are comfortable interating with native speaker after …

How to Learn Chinese 2-General Discussion-Why I chose to learn Chinese online?

From Richard: Hi Min, My name is Richard. I have studied Chinese for one year in a language school in London. But I still can’t speak Chinese a lot. I am very interested in your course online. But it is totally a new thing for me which I never did …

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