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How to say…in Chinese

How to say Kinship terms for extended family in Chinese? 我家的亲戚们:)

Paternal 爷爷  yéye  grandfather (father’s father) 奶奶  nǎinai  grandmother (father’s mother) 叔叔  shūshu  uncle (on father’s side) 姑姑  gūgu  aunt (on father’s side) 堂哥  tánggē  male cousin older than self 堂弟  tángdì  male cousin younger than self 堂姐  tángjiě  female cousin older than self 堂妹  tángmèi  female cousin younger than …

汉语语法Chinese Grammar: Prepositions Ⅰ”between”,”among” and “around” (With Drills)

Video Instruction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij9-0dQ54b0 之间 zhījiān 两餐之间  between meals    liǎng cān zhījiān 两种选择之间  between the two choices    liàngzhǒng xuǎnzé zhījiān 他们之间  between them    tāmen zhījiān *他们之间的分歧  The differences between them    tāmen zhījiān de fēnqí 我和哥哥之间  between my brother and me    wǒ hé gēge zhījiān *我和哥哥之间的争论  the dispute between my brother and …

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