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Lesson 1 地点

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Word List

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* The number beside the word is the chapter within which the word is located.

dì qiú      the Earth        [ 地 earth + 球 ball ]

HSK 4 Test Example


our Earth / on Earth / Earth’s changes / history of the Earth


From down on Earth, the sun and moon look about the same size.

shǒu dū      capital (of a country)        [ 首 head + 都 metropolis ]

HSK 4 Test Example


the capital of that country / Beijing Capital International Airport / Capital Stadium


Next week there will be a football game at the Capital Stadium, let’s come see it together.

dàshǐ guǎn      embassy        [ 大使 ambassador +馆 place ]

HSK 4 Test Example


go to the embassy / French Embassy / near the embassy


You’re still quite a ways from the embassy, maybe you should just take a taxi.

shěng      province

HSK 4 Test Example


23 provinces / the western provinces of China / our province


The majority of this province is covered with mountains with altitudes generally above 4000 meters.

nóng cūn      countryside; rural        [ 农 farm + 村 village ]

HSK 4 Test Example


return to the countryside / rural environment / country kid


He often reminisces on the joyful days he spent in the countryside.

shì chǎng      market; marketplace        [ 市 market + 场 place ]

HSK 4 Test Example


local food markets / foreign markets / rural markets / market changes


In recent years, there have been major changes in the foreign market.

cháng chéng      the Great wall        [ 长 long + 城 wall ]

HSK 4 Test Example


climb the Great Wall / history of the Great Wall / pictures took at the Great Wall


I plan on going to go see the Great Wall with my uncle.

yà zhōu      Asia        [ 亚 Asia + 洲 continent ]

HSK 4 Test Example

亚洲人、亚洲国家、亚洲文化、亚洲第一 、亚洲市场1

Asian / Asian country / Asia’s changes / Asia’s first / Asian market


When she was fifteen she became Asia’s first, at sixteen she became the first of the world.

cháng jiāng      Yangtze River        [ 长 long + 江 river ]

HSK 4 Test Example


China’s Yangtze River / Yangtze river water / South of the Yangtze River / North of the Yangtze River


Do you know which provinces and cities the Yangtze passes through?

yóu jú      post office        [ 邮 post + 局 office ]

HSK 4 Test Example


post office near here / get something from the post office / The post office beside the embassy


There is a post office near the embassy.

zhōu wéi      around; ambient        [ 周 circle + 围 around ]

HSK 4 Test Example


surrounding people / surroundings; surrounding environment / embassy surroundings


I really like the new work environment, in the future I should take lessons from those around me.

duì miàn      opposite        [ 对 opposite + 面 side ]

HSK 4 Test Example


the store across (the street) / across from the embassy / across from the post office


Up ahead there’s a bank, and across from the bank there’s a supermarket.

nèi      inner; inside; within

HSK 4 Test Example


domestic / indoor; interior / within a day / within a short (period of) time


He’s been to most of the major cities within the country.

dì diǎn      place; site; locate        [ 地 place + 点 spot ]

HSK 4 Test Example


what location / time and location of the meeting / meeting place


The time and location of the meeting are written in the email.

Practice Quiz

汉字配对(Match each of the following characters to make a word)

(      )的东方  the east of the world


从(      )上看,太阳和月亮的大小差不多。

From down on Earth, the sun and moon look about the same size.


西方(      )

western world

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ASSIGNMENT : Assignment: HSK4 600 Words Lesson 1 MARKS : 100  DURATION : 7 days

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