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Lesson 23 翻译、阅读

    打印表格 to print forms;参观人数 the number of visitors;节约用水 save water;保证金 deposits;毕业照 graduation photos
要养成节约用水的习惯。You should get (into) the habit of reusing/recycling water.
学校打算组织大家去参观长城。The school plans to arrange for everyone to go see the Great Wall.


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Word List

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* The number beside the word is the chapter within which the word is located.

fān yì        v. to translate; n. translator        [ 翻 turnover ] + [ 译 translate ]

HSK 4 Test Example

翻译文章10 to translate articles、翻译的过程15 the translation process、翻译家 translator、翻译的经验13 translation experience


XiaoZhang, please can/will you translate this material.

yuè dú        to read; reading        [ 阅 read ] + [ 读 read ]

HSK 4 Test Example

阅读材料8 reading materials、阅读能力9 reading ability、阅读的好处13 the benefits of reading、快速12阅读 speed reading


Everyone has their own reading habits.

yù xí        to prepare a lesson; to preview        [ 预 in advance ] + [ 习 practice ]

HSK 4 Test Example

提前19预习内容11 to preview the content ahead、预习的效果15 the effects of previewing、预习的方法11 the method of previewing


Everyone please preview tomorrow’s study content.

fù yìn        to photocopy        [ 复 repeat ] + [ 印 print ]

HSK 4 Test Example

复印五张 make five copies、复印机 copier、复印技术14 copy technology


Lawyer Zhang, which material needs to be copied?

dǎ yìn        to print        [ 打 make ] + [ 印 print ]

HSK 4 Test Example

打印机 printer、打印表格8 to print forms、打印技术14 print technology


The printer didn’t break, the paper is finished.

dǎ rǎo        to disturb; to bother; to trouble        [ 打 make ] + [ 扰 disturb ]

HSK 4 Test Example

打扰他休息 disturb his rest、不允许20打扰他 (it is) not permitted to disturb him、不好意思,打扰一下 excuse me


I didn’t tell her about this matter, she is busy on company business, I’m afraid to disturb her.

zhěng lǐ        to arrange; to tidy up; to sort out        [ 整 organize ] + [ 理 manage ]

HSK 4 Test Example

整理材料8 sort out the material、整理顺序15 put these in order、整理客厅4 tidy the living room


I sorted out all the suggestions everyone else brought out at the meeting.

cān guān        to look around; visit and observe        [ 参 join ] + [ 观 watch ]

HSK 4 Test Example

参观长城1 to visit the Great Wall、参观海底1世界 to visit the Underwater World、参观人数12 the number of visitors


The school plans to arrange for everyone to go see the Great Wall.

zǒng jié        to sum up; to conclude; summary        [ 总 assemble ] + [ 结 conclude ]

HSK 4 Test Example

经常总结 often summarize、写总结 write a summary、总结经验13 sum up the experience、总结过去 review the past


XiaoZhou, your written summary/review is not bad.

jié yuē        v. save        [ 节 save ] + [ 约 restrict ]

HSK 4 Test Example

节约用水 save water、节约用电 save electricity、节约时间 save time


You should get (into) the habit of reusing/recycling water.

guǎng bō        broadcast; on the air        [ 广 wide ] + [ 播 spread ]

HSK 4 Test Example

听广播 listen to the radio、广播节目radio programmes、广播里的歌 the song on the radio


The broadcast says, our flight is taking off at once/immediately.

bǎo zhèng        v. guarantee        [ 保 guarantee ] + [ 证 proof ]

HSK 4 Test Example

保证质量13 guarantee the quality、保证金12 deposits、不能保证成功21 can’t guarantee success、保证不骗18I promise I won’t cheat you


Preparation of tomato egg soup is very simple, I promise you can learn it first time.

bì yè        v. graduate        [ 毕 complete ] + [ 业 study ]

HSK 4 Test Example

博士3毕业生 PhD graduates、硕士3毕业生 Master’s degree graduates、大学毕业生 college graduates、毕业照 graduation photos


He didn’t realise he already graduated college ten years (ago).

Practice Quiz

汉字配对(Match each of the following characters to make a word.)

汉字配对(Match each of the following characters to make a word.)

  • 广


中英文配对 Match Answer

  • to print forms
  • the number of visitors
  • save water
  • deposits
  • graduation photos


组词成句(Set phrases in correct order to make a sentence.)


组词成句(Set phrases in correct order to make a sentence.)

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