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Lesson 34 可惜、可怜

    时间很紧张 on a tight schedule;无聊的生活 boring life;哭得很伤心 crying sadly;讨厌浪费 hate wasting;受到怀疑 under suspicion
现在后悔已经来不及了。Now (I) regret already (there is) not enough time. (It’ too late to regret.)

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Word List

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jǐn zhāng      nervous; keyed up; tense; intense; in short supply; tight        [ 紧 tight + 张 expand ]

HSK 4 Test Example


a tense feeling / looks nervous / on a tight schedule / the match continues intensely


The first time standing in front of so many spectators, he is/was a bit tense/nervous.

chī jīng      be startled; be shocked; be amazed; astonish; surprise;        [ 吃 eat + 惊 surprise ]

HSK 4 Test Example


surprise / startle someone Doctor Zhang was very surprised / we were very surprised he guessed right


She finally decided to give up, this made us really surprised.

kě xī      It’s a pity.; It’s too bad; unfortunately; it is to be regretted that…        [ 可 deserve + 惜 pity ]

HSK 4 Test Example


what a pity to waste it / what a waste to leave it all behind now / unfortunately we lost


The result of this tennis match, made everyone feel regretful.

kě lián      pitiful; pitiable; poor; pathetic        [ 可 deserve + 怜 sympathize ]

HSK 4 Test Example


a poor mother / not worth the sympathy / appear pathetic


Though he’s really pathetic, still he don’t want you to pity him.

wú liáo      in extreme depression; bored        [ 无 no + 聊 chat ]

HSK 4 Test Example


boring life / boring magazine / boring diary / boring report


You see, the boring advertisement starts again.

mǎ hū      careless; casual; perfunctory

HSK 4 Test Example


careless landlord / carelessness is not allowed / please forgive my carelessness


You ought to take this task seriously and carefully, you can’t be too casual.

zū xīn      careless; thoughtless        [ 粗 thick + 心 heart ]

HSK 4 Test Example


careless mistakes / careless salesman / carelessly lost the key again


After the error appeared, I didn’t dare to be careless again.

nán shòu      feel unwell; feel ill; suffer pain        [ 难 difficult + 受 endure ]

HSK 4 Test Example


the cough make her feel bad / in a bad mood / failure is a bitter experience


(When) I heard her speak this way, my heart ached.

shāng xīn      sad; grieved; heart-broken; broken-heart        [ 伤 hurt + 心 heart ]

HSK 4 Test Example


crying sadly / the reason why he is sad / sad news


When you encounter a sad matter, crying out will make you feel better.

bào qiàn      be [feel] sorry; feel apologetic; regret        [ 抱 embrace + 歉 sorry ]

HSK 4 Test Example


really sorry / sorry for … / sorry I am late


Don’t be sorry, (it’s) not your mistake.

jiāo ào      pride; arrogant; conceited;        [ 骄 proud + 傲 proud ]

HSK 4 Test Example


be proud for your success / we can be proud of / arrogance is not good


When you are proud of your achievement (success), you should know there are many other people superior to you, so you definitely shouldn’t be arrogant.

xīn kǔ      hard; toilsome; laborious; work hard; go to great trouble        [ 辛 laborious + 苦 bitter ]

HSK 4 Test Example


work so hard the whole morning to repair / it’s tiresome to have business trips so often


Doing the things you like, even if difficult, won’t feel feel like hard work.

shī wàng      lose hope; beyond (all) hope        [ 失 lost + 望 hope ]

HSK 4 Test Example


be disappointed / disappointed mood / the bonus amount is disappointing


Very sorry, (I) disappointed you.

tǎo yàn      to dislike; to loathe; disgusting;        [ 讨 provoke + 厌 dislike ]

HSK 4 Test Example


hate business trips / hate wasting / disgusting taste


The most-hate thing for this famous pianist is being bothered when she is playing piano.

hòu huǐ      to regret; to repent        [ 后 after + 悔 regret ]

HSK 4 Test Example


regretted refusing her / regretted after finishing the payment / regretted the choice at that time


Now (I) regret already (there is) not enough time. (It’ too late to regret.)

xiàn mù      envious; envy; to admire        [ 羡 admire + 慕 adore ]

HSK 4 Test Example


envy the successful people / admire others / not worth envying


Everyone has their own life, don’t envy others.

huái yí      doubt; to suspect; be skeptical        [ 怀 keep in mind + 疑 suspect ]

HSK 4 Test Example


under suspicion / doubt his management ability / be afraid of being suspected / attract suspicion


In times of failure, we often can be suspect our own choices.

Practice Quiz

汉字配对(Match each of the following characters to make a word.)

汉字配对(Match each of the following characters to make a word.)

汉字配对(Match each of the following characters to make a word.)

  • 怀

( )输了 unfortunately we lost

( )的母亲 a poor mother

不值得( ) not worth the sympathy

浪费了很( ) what a pity to waste it

中英文配对 Match Answer

  • on a tight schedule
  • boring life
  • crying sadly
  • hate wasting
  • under suspicion

组词成句(Set phrases in correct order to make a sentence.)

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