Lesson 12 Fēijī飞机 Airplane

zuò zài zìxíngchē hòumiàn 坐在自行车后面 sit behind the bicycle
hěn guì de diànnǎo 很贵的电脑 very expensive computer

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kāi chūzūchē / zuò chūzūchē / děng chūzūchē
开出租车 / 坐出租车 / 等出租车
drive a cab / take a taxi / wait for a taxi

gōnggòng qìchē zhàn / zuò gōnggòng qìchē / děng gōnggòng qìchē
公共汽车站 / 坐公共汽车 / 等公共汽车
bus stop / take bus / wait for a bus

gēge de zìxíngchē / mǎi zìxíngchē / zuò zài zìxíngchē hòumiàn
哥哥的自行车 / 买自行车 / 坐在自行车后面
elder brother’s bicycle / buy a bicycle / sit behind the bicycle

zuò fēijī / fēijī piào / fēijī zǒu le
坐飞机 / 飞机票 / 飞机走了
by plane / plane ticket / the plane left

kàn diànshì / mǎi diànshì / diànshì shàng
看电视 / 买电视 / 电视上
watch TV / buy a TV / on TV

hěn guì de diànnǎo / wán diànnǎo / diànnǎo de yánsè
很贵的电脑 / 玩电脑 / 电脑的颜色
very expensive computer / play computer / the colour of the computer

kàn diànyǐng / diànyǐng piào / zhōngguó diànyǐng
看电影 / 电影票 / 中国电影
watch movie / movie ticket / Chinese movie

mobile phone
shǒujī lǐ / wán shǒujī / shǒujī diàn
手机里 / 玩手机 / 手机店
on the cell phone / play mobile phone / mobile phone shop

wrist watch
bàba de shǒubiǎo / kàn shǒubiǎo / mài shǒubiǎo
爸爸的手表 / 看手表 / 卖手表
father’s watch / look at the watch / sell watch

Practice Quiz

Match Answers

  • wait for a taxi
  • play mobile phone
  • on TV
  • Chinese movie
  • by plane

Set words and phrases in correct order

[sit behind the bicycle]

Set words and phrases in correct order

[very expensive computer]

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