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Lesson 2 Shàng上 On


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Word List

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be, at, a particle to indicate the location of an object
Usage: Subject + zài在 + Somewhere

bú zài
not here

ahead; in front; preceding; above; before
zài qiánmiàn / tā zài qiánmiàn / tā zài wǒmen qiánmiàn
在前面 / 他在前面 / 他在我们前面
in front / he is in front / he is in front of us

behind; after
zài hòumiàn / wǒ zài hòumiàn / wǒ zài nǐmen hòumiàn
在后面 / 我在后面 / 我在你们后面
behind / I am behind / I am behind you

zài zuǒbiān /tā zài zuǒbiān /tā zài dàjiā zuǒbiān
在左边 / 她在左边 / 她在大家左边
on the left / she is on the left / she is on the left of us

zài yòubiān / wǒ zài yòubiān / wǒ zài tāmen yòubiān
在右边 / 我在右边 / 我在他们右边
on the right / I am on the right / I am on the right of them

zài pángbiān / tāmen zài pángbiān / tāmen zài wǒ pángbiān
在旁边 / 他们在旁边 / 他们在我旁边
beside / they are beside (me) / they are beside me

on; on top; upon; first (of two parts); previous or last (week, etc.); upper; higher; above; previous; to climb; to go into; above; to go up; be engaged (in work, study, etc.) at a fixed time
shàngmiàn (shàngbiān ) / zài shàngmiàn (zài shàngbiān )
上面 (上边 ) / 在上面 (在上边 )
top / on top

opposite of 上; down; (of rain, snow, etc.) fall
xiàmiàn (xiàbiān ) / zài xiàmiàn (zài xiàbiān )
下面 (下边 ) / 在下面 (在下边 )
below / be below

inside; internal
lǐmiàn (lǐbiān ) / zài lǐmiàn (zài lǐbiān )
里面 (里边 ) / 在里面 (在里边 )
inside / be inside

wàimiàn (wàibiān) / zài wàimiàn (zài wàibiān )
外面 (外边 ) / 在外面 (在外边 )
outside / be outside

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