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Lesson 1 地方 Nouns of locality (23/600)

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Word List

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* The number beside the word is the chapter within which the word is located.

zài      a particle to indicate the location of an object

HSK 3 Test Example

tā 在 gōng yuán lǐ.

He is (locate) in the park.

tā bú 在 gōng yuán lǐ.

He isn’t (locate) in the park

yǒu      there is/are, to indicate the existence of an object

HSK 3 Test Example

gōng yuán lǐ 有 hú.

locate in the park there is a lake. (There’s a lake [locate] in the park.)

gōng yuán lǐ méi 有 hú.

locate in the park there’s no lake. (There isn’t a lake in the park.)

de      the marker of noun modification

HSK 3 Test Example

běi biān 的 shān

the mountains to the north

shān 的 běi biān

to the north of the mountains

miàn / biān      side (the suffixes of location) most of the time

HSK 3 Test Example

面 and 边 are replaceable, except “ 旁边 páng biān beside ” and “ 对面 duì miàn opposite ”

shàng      in; on; above

HSK 3 Test Example


above / (locate) above

xià      opposite of 上

HSK 3 Test Example


below / (locate) below

qián      before; front; top; former

HSK 3 Test Example


front / (locate) in front of

hòu      opposite of 前

HSK 3 Test Example


behind / (locate) behind

zuǒ      the left

HSK 3 Test Example


to the left / (locate) to the left

yòu      the right

HSK 3 Test Example


to the right / (locate) to the right

lǐ      in; inside; inner

HSK 3 Test Example


inside / (locate) inside

wài      out; outside

HSK 3 Test Example


outside / (locate) outside

páng biān      side; nearby position; right by:        [ 旁 near + 边 side ]

HSK 3 Test Example


beside / (locate) beside

zhōng jiān      middle; among; between;        [ 中 middle + 间 between ]

HSK 3 Test Example


middle / (locate) in the middle

fù jìn      nearby; neighboring        [ 附 attach + 近 near ]

HSK 3 Test Example


nearby / (locate) nearby

zhè/zhèi      this

HSK 3 Test Example


here / this side / (locate) here

nà/nèi      that

HSK 3 Test Example


there / that side / (locate) there

nǎ      which

HSK 3 Test Example


where / which side / where

běi fāng      north(direction)        [ 北 north + 方 director ]

HSK 3 Test Example

北边 (北面)、在北方

north side / (locate) north

nán      south

HSK 3 Test Example


south director / south side / (locate) south

xī      west

HSK 3 Test Example


west director / west side / (locate) west

dōng      east

HSK 3 Test Example


east director / east side / (locate) east

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ASSIGNMENT : Assignment: HSK Level 3 600 Words Lesson 1 MARKS : 100  DURATION : 7 days

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