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Lesson 2 家 Home (36/600)

 Video Lecture (includes self-check quiz)

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Word List

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* The number beside the word is the chapter within which the word is located.

xué xiào      school; university        [ 学 study + 校 school ]

HSK 3 Test Example

学校里面、 学校外面、 学校旁边

in school; inside the school / outside the school / next to the school

túshū guǎn      library        [ 图书 book + 馆 public building ]

HSK 3 Test Example

图书馆在哪儿、 学校里有图书馆

where is the library / in the school there is a library

bīn guǎn      hotel        [ 宾 guest + 馆 public building ]

HSK 3 Test Example

宾馆里面、 宾馆前面、 宾馆后面

inside the hotel / in front of the hotel / behind the hotel

chāo shì      supermarket        [ 超 super + 市 market ]

HSK 3 Test Example

超市的附近、 附近的超市

near the supermarket / the supermarket nearby

shāng diàn      store; shop        [ 商 business + 店 store ]

HSK 3 Test Example

商店的旁边、 旁边的商店

near a store / the store nearby

fàn diàn      restaurant        [ 饭 food + 店 store ]

HSK 3 Test Example

饭店在哪儿、 饭店在这儿

where is the restaurant / the restaurant is here

yī yuàn      hospital        [ 医 cure + 院 institution ]

HSK 3 Test Example

医院东边、 医院西边

the east side of the hospital / the west side of hospital

yín háng      bank        [ 银 silver (money) + 行 business firm ]

HSK 3 Test Example

南边的银行、 西边的银行

the bank in the south side / the bank in the west side

gōng yuán      park        [ 公 public + 园 garden ]

HSK 3 Test Example

公园里面、 公园外面、 公园旁边

inside the park / outside the park / beside the park

huǒchē zhàn      train station        [ 火车 train + 站 station ]

HSK 3 Test Example

火车站在哪儿、 火车站里有商店

where is the train station / there are stores in the train station

jī chǎng      airport        [ 机(飞机) plane + 场 open space ]

HSK 3 Test Example

机场里面、 机场东边、 机场南边

inside the airport / the east side of the airport / the south side of the airport

gōng sī      company        [ 公 public + 司 have charge of ]

HSK 3 Test Example

公司附近、 附近的公司

near the company / the company nearby

jiā      home

HSK 3 Test Example

在家里、 家在南方、家附近

at home / home is in the south / near home

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ASSIGNMENT : Assignment: HSK Level 3 600 Words Lesson 2 MARKS : 100  DURATION : 7 days

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