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Lesson 4 代词 Pronouns (55/600)

Video Lecture (includes self-check quiz)

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Word List

* Click the word to expand.
* The number beside the word is the chapter within which the word is located.

wǒ      I; me

HSK 3 Test Example


my, mine / my home / beside me / I am (was) in the library

wǒ men      we; us        [ 我 I + 们 plural marker ]

HSK 3 Test Example


our / among (between) us / our country / our company

nǐ      you

HSK 3 Test Example


your / you (plural) / yours / your school / where are you

nín      you (respect)

HSK 3 Test Example


your / your home / your company

tā      he; him

HSK 3 Test Example


his / they (them) / they are (were) in China

tā      she; her

HSK 3 Test Example


her / they (them)-female / I am (was) next to them (female)

tā      it

HSK 3 Test Example


its / they (them) / it’s over there

shuí / shéi      who

HSK 3 Test Example


whose / who’s in the hospital / who are you

dà jiā      everyone        [ 大 big + 家 family ]

HSK 3 Test Example


everyone’s / all of us / where is everyone

zì jǐ      oneself        [ 自 self + 己 self ]

HSK 3 Test Example


myself / yourself / himself / herself / ourselves

bié rén      other people        [ 别 other + 人 people ]

HSK 3 Test Example

别的、 别的人(别人)、 别的国家、别的地方

other / other people / other country / other place

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ASSIGNMENT : Assignment: HSK Level 3 600 Words Lesson 4 MARKS : 100  DURATION : 7 days

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