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Lesson 5 家人 Family members (71/600)

Video Lecture (includes self-check quiz)

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Word List

* Click the word to expand.
* The number beside the word is the chapter within which the word is located.

nán      male

HSK 3 Test Example


man (men) / male

nǚ      female

HSK 3 Test Example


woman (women) / female

yé ye      grandpa, fathers father

HSK 3 Test Example


my grandfather / grandfather’s home / grandfather’s in the park

nǎi nai      grandma, fathers mother

HSK 3 Test Example


my grandmother / I am (was) next to my grandmother

bà ba      father

HSK 3 Test Example


his father / other people’s father / father’s restaurant / father is (was) in Beijing

mā ma      mother

HSK 3 Test Example


my mother / mother’s company / mother’s at the airport

gē ge      elder brother

HSK 3 Test Example


my elder brother / beside my elder brother / whose brother

dì di      younger brother

HSK 3 Test Example


my younger brother / to younger brother’s left / younger brother’s in Beijing

jiě jie      elder sister

HSK 3 Test Example


his elder sister / elder sister’s home / where’s my elder sister

mèi mei      younger sister

HSK 3 Test Example


her younger sister / in front of younger sister / younger sister’s school

ér zi      son

HSK 3 Test Example


your son / son is in China / son is over there

nǚ ér      daughter

HSK 3 Test Example


my daughter / daughter is at school / daughter is at the back

shū shu      uncle; man of similar age to one’s parents

HSK 3 Test Example


her uncle / uncle’s home / uncle is in the north

ā yí      aunt; woman of similar age to one’s parents

HSK 3 Test Example


our aunt / aunt’s restaurant / aunt’s home is nearby

dà rén      adult        [ 大 big + 人 people]

HSK 3 Test Example


adults / adults’ world

hái zi      child; children

HSK 3 Test Example

孩子们、 孩子的­世界、 女孩子、 男孩子

children / children’s worlds / girl / boy

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ASSIGNMENT : Assignment: HSK Level 3 600 Words Lesson 5 MARKS : 100  DURATION : 7 days

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