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Lesson 6 关系 Social relationships (87/600)

Video Lecture (includes self-check quiz)

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Word List

* Click the word to expand.
* The number beside the word is the chapter within which the word is located.

zhàng fū      husband        [ 丈 man + 夫 husband ]

HSK 3 Test Example


my husband / (my) husband’s company / (my) husband is a Beijinger

qī zi      wife        [ 妻 wife + 子 ]

HSK 3 Test Example


his wife / (my) wife’s elder brother / (my) wife is in the train station

lǎo shī      teacher        [ 老 old + 师 teacher ]

HSK 3 Test Example


(my) son’s teacher / female teacher / male teacher

xué shēng      student        [ 学 study + 生 young people ]

HSK 3 Test Example


students / among students / students are in the library

tóng xué      classmate        [ 同 same, together + 学 study ]

HSK 3 Test Example


my classmate / (my) classmate’s wife / we are classmates

péng yǒu      friend        [ 朋 friend + 友 friend ]

HSK 3 Test Example


boyfriend / girlfriend / good friend / (my) friend’s company

kè rén      guest        [ 客 guest + 人 person ]

HSK 3 Test Example


guests of the restaurant / guests of the hotel / guests to our family

tóng shì      colleague        [ 同 same/together + 事 matter ]

HSK 3 Test Example


(my) colleague’s husband / Chinese colleagues / (my) colleague is southern people

lín jū      neighbor        [ 邻 close to + 居 reside ]

HSK 3 Test Example


our neighbor / neighbor’s child / neighbor is a Beijinger

xiān sheng      Mr.; husband        [ 先 first, prior + 生 people ]

HSK 3 Test Example


Mr. Zhang / how are you, sir / my husband

xiáo jiě      Miss.        [ 小 young + 姐 lady ]

HSK 3 Test Example


Miss. Zhang / the lady on the left

fúwù yuán      waiter; waitress        [ 服 server + 员 employee ]

HSK 3 Test Example


waiter (waitress) in the restaurant / other waiters (waitresses)

sī jī      driver        [ 司 have charge of + 机 machine ]

HSK 3 Test Example


father’s driver / uncle, the driver (for children to address driver) / the driver is a Beijinger

yī shēng      doctor        [ 医 cure + 生 people ]

HSK 3 Test Example


my doctor / the doctors in our hospital

jīng lǐ      manager        [ 经 manage + 理 manage ]

HSK 3 Test Example


our manager / her husband is a manager / manager is in Beijing

xiào zhǎng      (school, college, university) president; principal        [ 校 school + 长 leader ]

HSK 3 Test Example


the principal (him or her)self / the principal’s wife

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ASSIGNMENT : Assignment: HSK Level 3 600 Words Lesson 6 MARKS : 100  DURATION : 7 days

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