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Lesson 7 吃的 Food (102/600)

Video Lecture (includes self-check quiz)

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Word List

* Click the word to expand.
* The number beside the word is the chapter within which the word is located.

dōng xi      thing; stuff; substance        [ 东 east + 西 west ]

HSK 3 Test Example


my stuff / my own things / everyone’s stuff

shén me      what

HSK 3 Test Example


what place (where) / what people (who) / which hotel / what (which) store

gè      a general measure word

HSK 3 Test Example


this one / that one / which one / a restaurant

cài      dish; vegetables; cuisine

HSK 3 Test Example


chinese dish / that dish / the dishes of this restaurant

mǐ fàn      (cooked) rice        [ 米 rice + 饭 meal ]

HSK 3 Test Example


the rice in the restaurant / we have rice at home

miàn tiáo      noodles        [ 面 flour + 条 strip ]

HSK 3 Test Example


chinese noodles / what kind of noodles / on the noodles

miàn bāo      bread        [ 面 flour + 包 bag ]

HSK 3 Test Example


bread in the supermarket / what kind of bread / the bread is over there

dàn gāo      cake        [ 蛋 egg + 糕 pastry ]

HSK 3 Test Example


other person’s cake / where is the cake

yú      fish

HSK 3 Test Example


the fish in the supermarket / there is fish at home.

yáng ròu      mutton        [ 羊 sheep + 肉 meat ]

HSK 3 Test Example


this mutton or lamb / the mutton is in the supermarket

jī dàn      egg        [ 鸡 chicken + 蛋 egg ]

HSK 3 Test Example


one egg / on the egg / in the egg

shuǐ guǒ      fruit        [ 水 water + 果 fruit ]

HSK 3 Test Example


what kind of fruit / fruit from the south / fruit cake

píng guǒ      apple        [ 苹 a plant + 果 fruit ]

HSK 3 Test Example


on the apple / apple from the north / I have three apples

xiāng jiāo      banana        [ 香 fragrant + 蕉 banana ]

HSK 3 Test Example


where the banana / the banana from that country / there is are bananas in the supermarket

xī guā      water melon        [ 西 western + 瓜 melon ]

HSK 3 Test Example


which water melon / this big water melon / the water melons in the supermarket

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ASSIGNMENT : Assignment: HSK Level 3 600 Words Lesson 7 MARKS : 100  DURATION : 7 days

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