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HSK3 Sentence 12

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Lǚyóu shǐ wǒ fāxiàn wàimiàn de shìjiè shì nàme dà, yǒu hěnduō dōngxī shì shūběn shàngxué bù dào de.

Traveling has made me realize how big (colorful) the outside world is. There are lots of things you can’t learn from books.

1. Something 使(make) somebody to do things

[旅游] 使 [我] 发现 […..]


[  ] 使 [  ] 相信 [….] to lead somebody to believe that…

[  ] 使 [  ] 高兴 make somebody happy

2. 有yǒu (there is/are) indicate the existence of an object

(knock the door) 有人吗? Is anybody here?

门口有个人。 There’s someone at the door.

3. verb + 得/不 + Resultative structure suffix  

学 study + 到 got it = 学到 learned; mastered (a skill)

学 study + 得/不 +到 got it  = 学得到 able to learn it / 学不到 unable to learn it


看+完 to finish reading   看得完/看不完 able/ unable to finish reading

听+懂 to understand by hearing   听得懂/听不懂 able to understand/ unable to understand

4. “是…的” to emphasize

是…的 to emphasize a detail of an event that has occurred.

是 [书本上学不到] 的 to emphasize you can’t learn it from the book.


在别的地方是买不到的。You can’t get it anywhere else.

我是在德国出生的。 I was born in German.

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