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HSK3 Sentence 20

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Wǒ zhàngfū gěi tā jièshàole yījiā diànnǎo gōngsī, dàn tā hái méi juédìng qù bù qù.

My husband recommended  him for a role at a computer company, but he has not decided if he wants to work there

1. preposition(s) “给” to/for (transmit to a person or do for the benefit of a person)
给…介绍… introduce somebody …
妈妈给我买了一个电脑。 my mom bought me a computer.
她喜欢给朋友做饭。She loves to cook for her friends.
给我看一下你的脸。 May I see your face? (show me your face)

2. 去不去 go or not (if go)
[Verb] 不 [verb] indicate if something or not here
不知道他喜不喜欢… I don’t know if he likes or not… 不知道如果他喜欢 (×)
不确定这个答案对不对。not sure if the answer is correct 不确定如果这个答案对 (×)

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ASSIGNMENT : Assignment: HSK3 Grammar Lesson 20 MARKS : 100  DURATION : 7 days

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