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HSK3 Sentence 8

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Wǒ zhōngyú yǒule zìjǐ de dà fángzile, míngtiān jiù kěyǐ bānjiāle.

Finally, I have my own house. I can move tomorrow.

1. 了1

Verb-了  The verb suffix了signals the termination of an action.


我已经吃了早饭。I already ate breakfast.

老师买了很多书。Teacher bought a lot of books.

2. 了2

Sentence-了  It indicates that the sentence provides information that is new in some way.


你长高了。You have grown tall.

我不吃肉了。 I don’t eat meat now.

3. 就…了  ‘了’ in a fixed structure  


要…了 is going to

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ASSIGNMENT : Assignment: HSK3 Grammar Lesson 8 MARKS : 100  DURATION : 7 days

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