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Introduction of Basic 300 Chinese Words HSK 2 Vocabulary


Hi everyone,

Basic 300 Chinese words course is one of the Chinese vocabulary series.

By the end of the course, you should know the 300 most common words and how to use them in a sentence. It is also the word list of the official Chinese test HSK level 2. After completing this course, we recommend you take an HSK 2 practice test. If you wish you can then take an official test to get a certification.

How the course structured?

In these courses:
* The word list is broken up into short lessons. Every lesson has a theme to make it easier to remember.

* As you progress through the course, each new lesson incorporates words and characters from the earlier lessons. This structure results in repetition which should help you with memorization.

What materials and services are included?

(24 Instruction videos with 50 quizzes + PDF + Quizlet flash cards + Mp3 audio + 45 min online tutoring (optional)

Besides instruction video with quizzes and script PDF

* The mp3 audio will be provided for each lesson to help you improve your listening skills.

* The Quizlet flashcards for each lessons are a great learning tool. You can log in and review the flashcards and take quizzes any time.

Additionally, in XM Mandarin, we believe speaking the language with a native speaker is very important for language learners. So we are happy to offer every enrolled student a free 45 minutes online tutoring. Of course, it’s optional.

Pinyin learner-friendly

This course is also specially designed for the Only Pinyin learners. You don’t have to recognize the Chinese characters. In HSK 2 all the characters come with Pinyin alongside.

So if you are Chinese newbie or beginner learner who is looking for a structure, I would recommend this course.

If you want to try before you buy, no problem, just take a look at the trial lessons and download the free materials first.

I look forward to seeing you guys in the course!

Your instructor: Xiao Min (Beijing, China)

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