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Lesson 12 数字

    1. 数字电视 digital television;2. 高速公路 freeway (expressway);3. 价格表 price list;4. 工资收入 salary income
这个城市出租车的数量越来越多了。The number of taxis in this city has increased.
你最喜欢的数字是什么? What is your favourite number?

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Word List

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* The number beside the word is the chapter within which the word is located.

shù zì      number        [ 数 number + 字 word ]

HSK 4 Test Example


biggest number / 6 numbers / digital television


What is your favourite number?

mì mǎ      password        [ 密 secret + 码 code ]

HSK 4 Test Example


bank card password (PIN number) / the password is too simple / forgot the password


You should change your credit card password (PIN number).

jù lí      distance        [ 距 distance + 离 from ]

HSK 4 Test Example

长距离跑步 (长跑)、作者3和读者的距离、人和人的距离

long-distance race / writer’s distance from the readers / people’s distance (from each other)


From here your company only two or three stations distant (away).

shù liàng      quantity        [ 数 number + 量 measure ]

HSK 4 Test Example


number of people / number of customers / the number of essays (articles) increases


The number of taxis in this city has increased.

sù dù      speed        [ 速 speed + 度 degree ]

HSK 4 Test Example


internet speed (network speed) / freeway (expressway) / (the) car exceeded the speed limit.


Now the train’s speed is very fast; sometimes travelling on trains even takes less time than flying.

jià gé      price        [ 价 prive + 格 standard ]

HSK 4 Test Example


the price is too high / price list / furniture price (price of furniture)


That restaurant is far away, but it’s dishes are delicious, what’s more the prices are low.

jiǎng jīn      money award; bonus        [ 奖 award + 金 money ]

HSK 4 Test Example


match bonus / annual bonus / give a prize (bonus) / (the) prize is 1 million


I heard that the bonus is not given this month, it will be given at the end of the year instead.

gōng zī      salary        [ 工 work + 资 fund ]

HSK 4 Test Example


give or pay salary / salary is (all) spent / network company’s salary


When young people start work, they should not just expect salary and a bonus.
( Implication : some jobs without high salary or a bonus are still a good opportunity to get good work experience)

shōu rù      income        [ 收 receive + 入 in ]

HSK 4 Test Example


salary income / high income field (profession) / income from performance (presentation)


This company’s salaries are not very high (good), but bonuses are very good, so (total) income is not too bad.

xiàn jīn      cash        [ 现 present + 金 money ]

HSK 4 Test Example


pay by cash or swipe the card? / that customer has no money / only accepts cash


Please, do I pay by cash or swipe the card?

líng qián      small change        [ 零 odd + 钱 money ]

HSK 4 Test Example


make change for / exchange coins / change is used up / (I) have change in the box


Do you have change (there)? I want to ( go ) buy a bottle of mineral water.

Practice Quiz

汉字配对(Match each of the following characters to make a word.)

汉字配对(Match each of the following characters to make a word.)


中英文配对 Match Answer

  • digital television
  • freeway (expressway)
  • price list
  • salary income


组词成句(Set phrases in correct order to make a sentence.)


组词成句(Set phrases in correct order to make a sentence.)

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