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What’s happening here (14) 男人和女人的关系 Relationship Formula 2 (Do you agree, or not?)

“What’s Happening Here” –Learn useful words and expressions from funny picture. Write down your own Chinese sentences:-)

关系    guān xì    relationship    A 和 B 的 关系

好朋友    hǎo péng yǒu     good friend

基佬    jī lǎo     gay

拉拉    lā lā     lesbian

敌人    dí rén    enemy

美女    měi nǚ    beautiful woman

帅哥    shuài gē    handsome man

丑女    chǒu nǚ    ugly woman

丑男    chǒu nán    ugly man


July 24, 2012

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